SYNC Navigation System Map Update

Find new destinations, roads and points of interest along the way with this official Ford and Lincoln SYNC Navigation System map update.  You can choose an update that features detailed coverage for the United States and Canada OR the United States and Mexico.  To get started:

      1.    Determine your SYNC Software Version
                a.    Go to your vehicle, on the home screen press the “settings” icon
                b.    Press the “Help” button
                c.    Press the “System Information” button
                d.    The third line displays your software version
                e.    Record the numbers after “CCPU S/W Version”:
                                __. __ __.__ __ __ __ __
                f.    Record the Map Database Version: __ __ (i.e. A4, B4)

(to print instructions, click here)

       2.     Look at the last five digits of the CCPU S/W Version and choose one of the actions below.

Last five digits:Action:
Greater than or equal to 12285 Continue to purchase.
10337, 11038, 11063, 11081, 11134, 12023, 12156 Visit or to update your SYNC software, then return to purchase the map update.
10212, 10308, 12058 Your vehicle requires a software update from the dealer. Please contact your local dealer to schedule an appointment.

       3.    If your Map Database Version is A6 or B6, you have the latest map update currently available, PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE. All other database versions please continue.